The day I left the phone at home

The day I left the phone at home

I’m not exactly the super connected kind of guy but, as we are all are nowadays, I indeed spend some time looking at my phone.

The other day, for no reason, I left my phone at home.

I like to walk, maybe that is one of the reasons I like so much street photography.

Walking around, with no direction, just feeling the street passing by.

The fact is that I realize a huge difference.

I’ve always thought about the modern scene where all people around you have their heads down to their phones instead of looking in front of them and appreciate what like can give them.

People walk looking at their phones.

The saddest scene is a couple sited in a restaurant and both of them looking at their phones.

This is indeed a depressing scene to me.

I notice that having no phone made me feel awkward for some time.

I felt that something was missing.

After a while I started to feel a profound freedom.

Again, I’m not the most connected kind of guy but, having no vibrations or sound coming out from my pocket or the impetuous of reaching the screen of this gadget gave me time to focus on my path.

After a while I was deeply immersed with the world, with no other thoughts.

I know that this can sound crazy because it is so easy to do and so obvious but I really noticed that the absence of this object from my pockets set me free.

I would like to invite you to do the same.

I’m sure you will rediscover life or at least something.

When you are in the metro or in the bus, when you stop for a coffee or just a glass of water, when you eat something, these are all classical moment where people reach their phones to occupy their minds and sometimes to protect themselves from the external world.

You know what? You don’t need to protect yourself from the world, just embrace him!

You will be surprised by the huge amount of this you will notice, even if it’s your everyday route.

There’s a lot of things around us that we never take the time to simply notice.

Obviously not all of them are a game changer in life but to perceive a game changer thing you must know what is not.

The cigarette it is also a protection from the world. Maybe many people smoke just to have something between them and the people.

There’s a lot of nonsmokers that just smoke when they are in a night out. Maybe it is a way to avoid the sensation of not knowing what to do.

I felt free and I really think that we should all feel this sensation again.

Maybe we’ll meet, look into our eyes and simply fall in love instead of looking at some feed to think about something that we don’t know if it will happen.

I know that all that I’m saying is pretty obvious and I also have a book that kind of talk about this too but, as I lived this experience the other day and for some reason I made this blog section in my website, I really wanted to share in a blog post.



Mindfulness is simply the best way to be the best version of ourselves so we offer the best assistance to the world around us.

I was doing some research on the internet about mindfulness and I read lots of articles about being selfish or that it’s not what it seems or even that it is a fashionable terminology nowadays.

I think that they are all brutally wrong.

I’ve started this mindfulness journey a few years ago.

Actually what I’ve started was the discovery of Buddhism and by this of a new world.

In my book STEP – The Power of Decisions I also talk about this.

The fact is that trough Buddhism I’ve started an honest journey inside myself.

It’s absolutely not selfish really get to know you.

When we are on a plane one of the security advice we receive is that If the plane loses oxygen pressure for any reason, the oxygen masks will drop down out of the small overhead compartment.

If that happens, put the mask over your nose and mouth. Relax, and breathe normally.

If you are seated next to someone who might need some assistance, such as a child, an individual with limited physical or mental capabilities or just a sleepy, groggy spouse, you should put your own mask on first, then breathe normally as you assist the other person.

That way, if the other struggles, you will have a steady flow of oxygen as you fight the person to get their mask on.

I think this is the best explanation for mindfulness.

We live in a world full of people, full of facts, all the time we are surrounded by events created by others.

Each one of us can change the world if truly tries.

We can raise our energy to achieve greatness and by this change the lives of many people around us.

To do so, we must master our soul, our beliefs and our potential in order to make the best of our actions.

We must put our own mask to help others.

Mindfulness is a way to try to be the best version of ourselves so we offer the best assistance to the world around us.

Depressed or angry people are results of frustrated desires that probably have started by lack of fulfilled dreams.

We just can’t blame the world for the things we didn’t do!

We must get things done in order to be proud of ourselves and by so live the life we want for us.

Mindfulness is the best way to get in touch with ourselves and maybe, who knows, change the world, for better!

One of the projects that I have is about mindfulness and meditation.

Our main goal is to help the world to be a better place, to all of us!

Check out the Binaural Minds project on YouTube.

STEP – The Power of Decisions

STEP – The Power of Decisions

Yes, I wrote a book!

Since I dove into the storytelling arena I’ve been living so much different realities that I never expected that one day I simply had in my hand’s something that, after thinking a lot about it, I realized that should be a book.

Among many changes that I’ve been facing, a great discovery for a deeper understanding of what life can really mean was the Buddhism.

In simple words, Buddhism, is the capability of acceptance that life is a challenge and that we must develop a positive attitude to go trough it.

Our goal is to live in the best way all we face in our everyday life so we can take the best of each experience.

There’s no book or church, there’s no shadow or excuse that we can use it in Buddhism.

We are our own temple and we must develop our inside self in order to achieve what we can refer as the light.

To do so the best way is to be conscious about what and how we live our lives.

We must make decisions in a conscious way in order to be the captains of the consequences.

In my search for my true self I discovered that the path that we follow is an important part of the entire story.

It’s not easy be on our own, it’s not easy knowing that we must do something that we don’t know how to do it or where it is or when we will find it but, that is the magic of life.

We must believe in ourselves, so much, that we simply know that the inner voice is our best guide.

We must be so much in touch with ourselves that we are able to listen to this inner voice.

What I realized is that everything is a consequence of a single step.

This is indeed a book but was written as a meditation.

Take your time and leaf trough the pages with no rush.

Use this experience as your own so you can prepare a better soil for your best seeds.

That is what I hope!

You can find the book on Amazon.

STEP - The Power of Decisions



Do you care?

Do you care?

That is a frequent question as a street photographer.

We see so many not beautiful things, or just real things, that we ask ourselves if we care, if you care.

We’ve become so used to many wrong things around us that we simply walk by them as a natural part of life.

We shouldn’t get used to the ugly, to the wrong, to the not moral, to evil or any kind of bad truth.

We should be gladiators of a better world.

We should all be an army fighting for a real better world.

Nations spend so much money in weapons saying that they are fighting for a free world but I really don’t think so.

With all the money spent on wars, we could easily change the reality of all countries in need, we could stop hunger, we could stop the many exoduses around the globe.

We should feel responsible for every ugly thing so we could be a change factor.

This is our planet and, you know what, it’s not that big.

Today we have the internet and by this, we are all connected, we can know live what’s happening everywhere.

How can we be so selfish?

I don’t like tourists!

I like voyagers!

The main difference is that a tourist is an ignorant guy that simply go without feeling.

A voyager becomes part of a new reality.

It is much more respectful as a person, as a human being and as a useful member of our society.

We should all be voyagers!

In our everyday life, we walk by the wrong, the bad and the ugly and the best we do is to say that our governors are incompetent.

You know what, your governor is a you that got there!

Think about it!

Street Photography

Street Photography

As I decided to dive into photography I looked for all kind of possibilities.

I’ve started with photos for models books but, to be honest, I immediately thought that kind of photography was depressing.

Personally, I don’t see a meaning in making photos of people that want to be famous or liked. Even if these people are pretty girls.

I’m sure that Mario Testino has another vision of it but, his photos are much more interesting and complex than the ones I was shooting.

I discovered street photography looking at a book of Henri Cartier Bresson.

I realized that photography should be a frame that could be considered as an entire movie.

A unique frame with the power of an entire story.

This kind of photography is fascinating!

I really think that being a street photographer is much more than being a photo taker.

We are feline eyes looking at the world around us.

We usually see things that nobody else sees or pays attention.

We immortalize fractions of existence in a graphic way.

I really think that we have a mission in this world.

This is one of the reasons that made me think about having a blog.

We see and feel so many stories in our everyday activities that many of them deserve to be told.

As I told in a previous post, not every idea can be transformed into a movie, or a music, or a book because we don’t have enough time in life to do so.

If we really try to leave every day as much as we can, we will have tons of stories.

This is awesome at the bar or in a dinner with friends because we will always have something new or interesting to say but, we just can produce every idea.

The fact is that every great shot is a production.

Many times I realized that I spent an eternity looking at a frame that I had just taken that day.

Many times I was magnetized by a shoot that I’ve taken.

The real power of photography is to allow us to think and look at our everyday world in a unique way!

My first post!

My first post!

This is my first post!

You might ask why have a blog?

Well, as I’ve decided to become a storyteller one of the reasons must be because I have something to say, at least I want to.

I do music, films, books and all kind of expression forms but, you know, if you have a lot of ideas in a day you probably don’t have the time to make from each one of them a production.

Also, as a street photographer, I face a lot of things that I think deserve to be told, at least, things that make me think about life and how we deal with it.

I will start this blogging journey, hope you enjoy as much I will do!