Do you care?

Do you care?

That is a frequent question as a street photographer.

We see so many not beautiful things, or just real things, that we ask ourselves if we care, if you care.

We’ve become so used to many wrong things around us that we simply walk by them as a natural part of life.

We shouldn’t get used to the ugly, to the wrong, to the not moral, to evil or any kind of bad truth.

We should be gladiators of a better world.

We should all be an army fighting for a real better world.

Nations spend so much money in weapons saying that they are fighting for a free world but I really don’t think so.

With all the money spent on wars, we could easily change the reality of all countries in need, we could stop hunger, we could stop the many exoduses around the globe.

We should feel responsible for every ugly thing so we could be a change factor.

This is our planet and, you know what, it’s not that big.

Today we have the internet and by this, we are all connected, we can know live what’s happening everywhere.

How can we be so selfish?

I don’t like tourists!

I like voyagers!

The main difference is that a tourist is an ignorant guy that simply go without feeling.

A voyager becomes part of a new reality.

It is much more respectful as a person, as a human being and as a useful member of our society.

We should all be voyagers!

In our everyday life, we walk by the wrong, the bad and the ugly and the best we do is to say that our governors are incompetent.

You know what, your governor is a you that got there!

Think about it!

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