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The magical art of giving life and motion to ideas.

Cinema was always a passion.

Films are a great way to live experiences, to spend time, to have ideas or just to live emotions.

I always liked to watch a movie.

I always loved the feeling of the cinema, the big screen, the enormous sound that surround us.

I love storytelling.

Personally, what I most like, are real stories about real people with real lives and problems.

I like to watch a movie that gives me an idea of something tangible, simple, in a unique way.

I always had a great admiration for Woody Allen.

His ability to tell stories of the simplest things in unique ways always fascinated me.

With time, I learn to create a relationship with the oriental cinema.

I think that there’s marvelous films about humanity and how we deal with ourselves.

Poster and credits of the film Correntes directed by Alessandro Vecchi

A film about the consequences of an abandoned, neglected love. About the omissions in a couple’s life; about the time, when we are carried by it, instead of using their possibilities.

One great thing about oriental cinema is the moral that the occidental culture forgot.

We kind of live in a time of sold souls.

The Occident forgot the real values of humankind.

We are so politicized about being open, permissive, modern, cool and stuff, that we must say yes and OK to everything.

I really think that we must respect each other, but respect doesn’t mean agreement.

I think that parents are so occupied being cool, working, making a leaving, that children where left on their own and by this education and politeness was mostly forgotten just because was not thought.

Its easier to left a kid with an iPad instead of reading a book with them.

It’s easier to left a kid with a PlayStation instead of taking a walk in the woods are teaching about the respect for our planet and the importance of the photosynthesis for humankind.

Everyone wants the easy way.

If you live pretending to be someone that you’re not, you are your worst nightmare!

Poster and credits of the film Passaro Vermelho directed by Alessandro Vecchi
I always had amazing discussions, especially with one of my friends, about the fact that I think that artists must be voices to help the world be a better place.

I don’t want to seem cocky when I use the word artist but since I do music, cinema, photography, painting, books and design, I like to think that I at least like art.

Back to cinema, art form that I become involved in 2015, in my films I always wanted to say something to real people.

Real people with real problems.

What I most love about making films is the possibility to use all kind of art forms in a unique product.

To make a film you must write a script, think about the photography of the scenes and at the end you also use the power of music to make every emotion unquestionable.

That’s the magic of cinema.

Cinema, the magical art of giving life and motion to ideas.