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Paper stories.

Literature was the last of my endeavors as a storyteller.

Came out in a very unexpected but natural way.

I wanted to say something that wasn’t a song and still couldn’t feel as a film.

Was a story that was been told, not accomplished yet.

The name of the book is STEP – The Power of Decisions.

This book started in an unusual way, as a consequence of a new habit I had adopted.

I had started to make photos, with my phone, of the steps I was making towards a new me, a new life, a new attempt to reach my inner truth.

I think that books are a great way to evade from reality.

I always carried around I tiny notebook and pencils to write my thought as they came in my mind.

Many times, I start writing as it was a letter.

I simply start to record thoughts without a specific purpose or intention, just to kind of talk to myself and allow me to have a memo of a specific time.

From time to time I go back to those thoughts and often they give me some clue about something that I can really do.

I like the idea of getting comfortable and, for a few hours, under the perfect light, be still leafing the pages.

That’s the reason why I didn’t publish in an electronic way, I want people to feel the experience.

Is important to say that this book is an experience.

It is probably a meditation about ourselves and our choices, about how we deal with the simplest act we learn as a child, our steps.

I think that we all have something to say, something to teach, some kind of knowledge to share.

I’m certainly not the owner of the truth nor an example to follow, I just felt that my experience could mean something to more than just myself.

We all have a life, doubts, fears and dreams so, why don’t try to help each other to have a happier and fulfilled life?

Literature. Cover and button to buy the the book STEP - The Power of Decisions by Alessandro Vecchi
Literature is the art of crafting stories in white pages.