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  • People on the street
  • People on the street


Living by sounds!

Music is everywhere. Everything makes music.

Each sound created is a kind of music, depending on how you listen to it.

There’s a lot of amazing artists that makes entire albums from the most unusual objects we all use in our everyday life.

From chips packages to matches boxes, everything is an instrument.

We are all used to it, even those who don’t play nor listen to it consciously.

We all had a crush and possibly remember that feeling thanks to some melody.

We are able to recognize people from the sound of their steps, their cars or the way they breath.

The wind blowing in the trees or the ocean reaching the shore makes a sound.

Music was my first contact with an art form.

I’ve been always related to and always had a special passion for it.

My skin, my heart, my mind and my soul feels it in a very special way.

My guitar became my best friend, my counsellor and adviser.

I spent uncountable days and nights with my guitar telling her what I was feeling and she always kindly replied with beautiful melodies, at least to me.

Being able to externalize what you feel with sounds and words is a liberating journey.

In 2011, I’ve recorded a first album. At that time, I was working as marketing executive and that album was a way to tell myself that I still had dreams.

The album came out loud and electrical.

Today I’m crafting a new story, almost done, this time is acoustic and quiet.

That is another beautiful thing of making music, each time the final experience reflects your state of mind, your maturity and the experiences you are going through.

We grow up by living each and every day, seems fair that our expressions also change from time to time.

Thanks to this passion, I was able to compose and play the soundtracks of my films and, as a storyteller, this allowed me to say what I really intended to, the way I wanted.

Music is a wonderful way to tell a story.

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Music is the art of seeing and feeling life through sounds