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Living frame by frame.

Photography is like cinema. A real photograph must contain a story.

Each image must give an emotion, a vision of a fraction of time.

We are used to sadly admire war photographs and we must thank the professionals that risks their own lives to allow the world to see the truth behind the news.

It’s easy to listen to a breaking news telling us that a bombing just occurred in some distant country.

It’s very different when you see a picture of bodies with people crying looking at them.

When I got into photography I’ve started with fashion.

I thought it was the easiest way to start as I was into cinema directing my films and I was surrounded by actors and models who always want and need some new pictures to use on their books.

Almost instantly I noticed that fashion photography wasn’t for me.

Personally, I don’t feel any emotion in a studio, setting up someone to take a picture.

Also, fashion photography is mostly a good illumination and some long lenses, above 70mm.
You stand in a certain position and ask the model to start moving as you shoot.

You press the shutter a hundred times and almost certainly you have your shoot.

Photography of a beautiful girl with pink hair looking down

Although I love beauty and I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of wonderful people, I thought that wasn’t a way to spend my time on Earth.

One day I was in a bookstore and I get across a book of Henri Cartier Bresson, founder of Magnum and father of street photography.

That was something that really spoke to me.

That day I deeply understood what photography is really about.

Being able to capture moments from the everyday life was a phenomenal way to use my camera and my time.

It is magical to look around for what life wants to tell you instead of creating a story to tell.

It is profoundly creative to look at the world around you and try to see what story is being told.

It is a great life lesson, you must look steps ahead to be able to use the present moment.

You must always be prepared.

I love to put my iPod and simply use my eyes disconnected from the outside world.

It is a great experience.

Street photographers are hunters of reality, we pursue fractions of time that we just can’t imagine we will face.

You must be in complete synchronicity with the environment and the world around you to be able to feel what’s happening and get prepared for what you must do.

With time you also get to be more practical even about how physically you set yourself in order to be able to capture the best shot.

What is the best shot? I still don’t know but that is one of the things that fascinates me.

Every day you simply humbly allow life to unfold in front of you.

We are frame hunters, fisherman of interesting reality.

It is true that, as a fisherman, there are days that you come back home with an almost empty nest but, when the ocean is gentle, you come back with tons of emotions.

This image is a good example of a frame of life. We are so busy taking care of our lives that we simply don’t see what around us even if sometimes we really should be aware of it.

Photography of a kid looking at the floor while a man passes by with a knife
Thanks to street photography, I’ve started to take journalistic pictures and also documentary photography.

Once again, all possible ways to tell stories are welcome and interest me.

I had this amazing opportunity to collaborate in a South African documentary, “Not in my Neighborhood”, about gentrification using the cities of Cape Town, San Paolo and New York to tell this story.

I had the pleasure to shoot the San Paolo chapter in the biggest occupation in the world, in San Paolo, Brazil.

You can check my published side of the story in the Positive Magazine.

Portraits can be a way to tell stories too.

We are all unique and full of emotions and life stories, being able to capture all this content in an image is something that I really like.

There was a time where people had their portraits made by paintings, we can do the same but in a real way.

The importance of light is magical, light can paint the emotion we want and give us a unique version.

Light can determine the emotion of the frame.

Moving light, or the subject, you have so many different nuances of expressions.

In the same position, you can create a delicate or evil image, depending on where you put the light source.

I really love photography and being able to produce images is something that really give to me a sense of living.

Photography and the art of telling stories frame by frame